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Frequently asked questions

How do I get a quote?

With Steadily, you can easily get an insurance quote online in minutes.

How do I login to my account?

Your online account portal is always available by clicking Login.

Where can I find my most recent bill?

Please give us a call at 888.966.1611 or send an email to

How can I get a quote for my client?

Start by logging in to your Agent portal here. Then click "New Quote".

How can I make changes to my policy?

It's easy. Login to your portal, or contact us to make changes.

Your Insurance Policy

Can I see a sample policy?

Of course! Click through to see sample policies for DP1 or DP3 products issued by Steadily.

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How do I get a quote?

Getting a quote with Steadily is easy. Get a quote online in minutes, or via phone, email or SMS.

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Some of the information on my application seems incorrect. What do I do?

We supply a notebox at the bottom of all applications sent through Dropbox Sign. Add any changes there. Once we receive your document, we will reach out to you and process the endorsements.

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I was supposed to get some documents to sign, but I don't see them.

Search your email folders for "Hellosign" (or "Docusign for Steadily policies) If you still can't locate them, send an email to

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Where can I get proof of insurance?

Login to your portal using the e-mail address we have on file. From there you'll see your policies and documents.

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How can I make a payment?

Please give us a call at 888.966.1611 or send an email to for instructions.

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Account Portal

How do I log into my account?

Click the "login" button in the top navigation on to access your customer portal.

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What is my portal password?

No password required! We send you a verification code to the email on file each time you login.

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Independent Agents

How can I get a quote for my client?

Start by logging into your Agent Portal, then follow the quick steps to get a quote.

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What are the schedules?

Maximum 20 locations allowed per policy. All locations on a single policy must be in the same state and same policy form...

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What types of ownerships are insured?

Named Insureds must have insurable interest in the property. Multiple ownership by more than 2 individuals (not including spouses) must be pre-approved by Underwriting Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Corporations, Trusts, or Partnerships are acceptable

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What are the general appetite requirements?

Steadily insures DP-1 and DP-3 policies in average to above average condition, with a primary focus on 1 to 4 family dwellings and short-term rentals.

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How can I file a claim?

Filing a claim with Steadily is easy with options for phone or online form claims.

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