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Short-Term Rental Insurance in Ohio

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    Steadily is the best-rated landlord insurance company in America

    Rated Excellent (4.8 stars out of 5) on TrustPilot

    Robert Young
    Louisville, KY


    Arnold Chambers,
    Louisville, KY

    The process of getting a landlord policy was very smooth. A few text messages, and the price was great, new policy saved us over $600!

    Neldy Garcia,
    San Antonio, TX

    Very happy with the service. Very quick, very efficient and a pleasure to work with.

    Howard Cook,
    Las Vegas, NV

    Steadily was super easy and I was able to set up my new policy quickly. Customer service could not have been better. Highly recommended!

    Elizabeth Oreo,
    Etowah, TN

    They respond quickly and communicate well. I was able to get the policy I needed to convert my vacation home to Airbnb.

    Justin Walker,
    Emmett, ID

    Great service and easy to do business.

    Robert Unterberger,
    Wynnewood, PA

    Best coverage option for small landlord. Very impressed by easy to navigate website and competitive coverage. Couldn't ask for better.

    Eric Martin,
    Sacramento, CA

    I had a quote within half an hour and then connected them with my mortgage lender for closing via email. Very easy to work with.

    Noemi Gato,
    Tucson, AZ

    Very easy process and the rep was very knowledgeable.

    Justin Walker,
    Emmett, ID

    Great service and easy to do business.

    Why you need short-term rental insurance in Ohio

    The good news is Ohio is a landlord-friendly state. Here are helpful Tips on Being a Landlord in Ohio:

    1. Security Deposits – Landlords in Ohio can charge as much as they like for security deposits. However, the Landlord is required to return the security deposit within the 30 day period of a tenant moving out. If the landlord fails to comply, they must give tenants a letter of explanation and a list of the deductions via mail or personally.
    2. Eviction – If the tenant has violated their lease agreement, there is a three-day grace period in which they can amend the violation before the landlord can file an eviction.
    3. Notice for Entering the Property –  Landlords may only enter the unit without permission in the event of an emergency. Landlords must give an advanced notice 24 hours before entering the rental unit.
    4. Rent Control – There are no rent control restrictions on landlords increasing rent. They do have to give sufficient notice. For example, for month-to-month renters, the landlord must provide notice 60-days before. Find our how much a landlord can increase rent in Ohio.

    Who is Steadily short-term rental insurance for?

    Short-term rental insurance protects your investments when they are rented as a vacation rental, AirBnB, VRBO, etc. Short-term rental insurance covers rental periods as short as one night. This insurance offers coverages for:

    Legal liabilities
    Fire and water damage
    Financial protection against natural disasters
    Protection for your furnishings
    A SMS conversation with a Steadily broker and a customer.

    Short-Term rental insurance coverages in Ohio

    Your insurance policy can cover a wide range of risks, or you can choose a limited set of coverages for a lower premium.


    Because of modern safety codes, fires have become rarer, but the fires that do start tend to cause total destruction of the property.

    water damage

    Broken pipes and appliance leaks are the most common and overall the most expensive property damage for rental properties.

    broken roof
    Windstorm, hail, & lightning

    Roof damage from storms has become increasingly common as the intensity and frequency of storms have increased over the last two decades.


    Liability protection covers the cost of defending you and settling claims from tenants and their guests for injuries sustained on your property.

    Riot and civil commotion

    When violent protests break out, riot coverage can pay to fix property damage caused by looters and protestors.

    Vandalism & theft

    Malicious mischief coverage, as it’s known, covers repairs to broken glass, graffiti removal, and replacement of stolen or damaged property like shared washing machines.

    first aide

    Injury protection can keep you from getting stuck with the cost of medical bills if a tenant or visitor gets injured on the property.

    Bonus coverages

    Many policies also include coverage for a long list of other perils such as riots or civil commotion, explosions, volcanic eruptions, and damage caused by vehicles.

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