Landlord insurance FAQ

Landlord Basics

Can a Tenant Sue a Landlord for Unsafe Living Conditions?

It’s important for landlords to understand the regulations surrounding unsafe living conditions and to take steps to prevent them. Familiarizing yourself with the regulations in your state, performing regular inspections, taking care of any maintenance, and encouraging communication are all important steps you can take to prevent unsafe living conditions.

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Can a landlord tell a tenant how clean to keep the property?

As a landlord, it's important to be aware of the specific regulations in your state regarding the cleanliness of your rental properties. By understanding these regulations, setting clear expectations for tenants, and implementing some best practices, you can ensure that your rental properties are kept in a safe and clean condition. 

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Rent Control - Definition & How It Works

Rent control, or rent regulation, usually refers to laws and ordinances limiting how much a landlord can increase rent in a given period and set conditions for when and how much they can raise rents. Such regulations are set to make housing affordable by imposing price controls.

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The Best Property Management Companies for Landlords

Whether you’re new to owning a rental property or have owned multiple for years, using a self-serve property management platform has many advantages, such as managing tenant screening, maintenance requests, rent collection, accounting, and more.

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A Landlord’s Guide to Writing a Notice to Vacate

It’s time to say goodbye to your tenant for one reason or another. How do you make sure you give proper notice, avoid legal pitfalls, and protect your profits and property? This short guide gives a rock-solid understanding of the terminology, answers frequent questions, and provides a sample letter template that can help you build your own.

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5 Key Responsibilities Every Landlord Should Know

From warranty of habitability, to security deposits, to rent proration, and more - this guide helps you understand your responsibilities as a landlord. Click learn more to discover the five key responsibilities every landlord should know.

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11 Tips For New Landlords

From screening tenants, to respecting the laws in your state, to protecting yourself and more - check out these 11 tips for new landlords. Click learn more for an overview of a few essential items you should know before taking on your first tenant.

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Landlord Insurance Coverage

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance provides extra coverage in addition to what's covered by landlord’s insurance. For example, if a tenant has a party and one of their guests slips and falls, they could sue you. For this example, let’s say they win a $700,000 judgment against you. If your landlord insurance only covers $500,000, you’ll have to pay $200,000 out of your own pocket. Umbrella insurance covers the extra $200,000 not covered by your landlord policy.

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What Is Not Covered by Landlord Insurance

When it comes to selecting the right type of insurance for your needs, you need to know what is covered and what these policies do not cover. The only way to know that for sure is to read the terms and conditions of the policy you are selecting. This can vary from one policy and one insurer to the next.

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Landlord Insurance Cost & Coverage FAQs

What does landlord insurance cover, and how much does landlord insurance cost? This comprehensive FAQ guide has all the answers you need.

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Real Estate Investment Strategy

What is a Debt Service Coverage Ratio loan?

Learn about Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loans and how this financial ratio is used by lenders to assess a borrower's ability to repay a rental property loan. Understand the importance of DSCR and what to do if you don't qualify for a DSCR loan.

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