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April 16, 2024

Benefits of using a property management platform

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Being a landlord requires a broad skill set including the ability to manage risk, adapt to the changing market, and make strategic decisions to increase profit. Balancing all of these elements of rental property ownership can be demanding, let alone managing finances and property maintenance. Thankfully, some platforms can streamline the process for landlords, while providing additional insight and value-add. Today, we look at one of the most comprehensive landlord property management platforms, TurboTenant

What is TurboTenant?

TurboTenant is a free property management platform designed for rental property managers. It covers every part of real estate leasing and offers user-friendly, cloud-based features and functions for both desktop and mobile. With the help of TurboTenant, landlords can easily:

  • Accurately price their listings;
  • Publish properties on real estate listing websites; 
  • Evaluate tenant rental applications; and, 
  • Facilitate transactions. 

The platform is integrated with many real estate listing websites and enables you to upload listings and vacancies on Craigslist. The marketing features include a personal listing website with links that you can share with potential tenants. 

Benefits for Landlords

In addition to the above, TurboTenant has a number of valuable tools and resources for landlords. A comprehensive landlord knowledge base includes guidance on state-specific landlord-tenant laws, expert advice, and free resource guides. The platform also offers a number of calculators to help landlords save time and money: rent to income ratio calculator; move-in prorated rent calculator; and, move-out prorated rent calculator. 

Some of our favorite resources? TurboTenant offers a handy rent payment tracker spreadsheet, lease agreements, and a database of 32 of the most useful forms for landlords. Last but not least, a new integration with Steadily provides TurboTenant users real-time access to landlord property and liability insurance quotes through the platform. With competitive rates nationwide, landlords can quickly and easily protect themselves and their properties in minutes.

Benefits for Tenants

TurboTenant makes it easy to be a good tenant. Renters can access and review their rental lease and other documentation at any time within their tenant portal. From the same place, they can make maintenance requests and pay rent online for free with ACH payments. TurboTenant will send automated reminders for rent to make sure tenants stay on top of the bill. 

Plus, TurboTenant reports on time rent reporting to credit agencies, helping renters build credit history - for free. 

While a tenant is finding a new rental and filling out paper application after application, TurboTenant takes the process online so tenants can fill it out and pay the fee easily on the form. Visit TurboTenant to sign up for a free account today. 

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