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Best Place to Buy a House in Las Vegas

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Are you looking for the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas to buy a house?

Las Vegas is an excellent place for young families and professionals to buy a
house and start the next chapter in life. It is rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing cities for STEM jobs in the United States.

Away from The Strip's glitz and glamour, there are lots of communities that suit every need and desire you can think of. Let's take a look at the best place to buy a house in Las Vegas.

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Summerlin is among the top master-planned communities with over 22,500 acres. It's surrounded by diverse neighborhoods, abundant parks, and extensive hiking trails.

The real estate value of this area keeps increasing year after year. It means an increase in demand for homes in Summerlin. Recent developments have extended to Summerlin South.

The lifestyle in Summerlin South is family-friendly and very upscale. It's close to shopping centers like downtown Summerlin. It's also near the Las Vegas Staples, like Red Rock Canyon.

Summerlin is an ideal place for homebuyers who want to live in an area that's full of amenities. There is something to explore as soon as you step out of your front door.

Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands community is 10 miles from The Strip and sprawls over 2,300 acres. It features an award-winning golf course. Designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr and his son Robert Trent Jones Jr, the golf course is for members only.

Southern Highlands offers homes ranging from 100,000s to multimillion-dollar properties. Here you will find homes fit for all lifestyles and budgets. There are walking trails, lakes, parks, and outdoor recreational facilities.

Southern Highlands is a luxurious community with a pleasant neighborhood vibe. If you are looking for a private, elegant, and perfect semi-custom home, you'll find it here.

It is a distinguished housing community in Las Vegas. You can access playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis, etc., in the five area parks.

There are also two dog parks and an additional park that provides a splash pad for families to enjoy. The area has five local schools for parents with students.

Buy a House in the Art District

The Art District is a perfect area if you want a bohemian lifestyle. It's yet to reach its full potential compared to other places in Las Vegas.

It is located in downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas strip. The area's center is approximately Main Street and Charleston Avenue.

More than 100 artists perform in this neighborhood. There are restaurants, antique shops, vintage clothing stores, coffee shops, and art galleries.

You can buy luxury condominiums from $350,000 to about $700,000. To the southeast, you'll find 1400 square feet three-bedroom two-bath homes for $120,000.There is a home fit for every budget. You have to explore all the areas when buying a house in Las Vegas. It's a mixture of residential, commercial, and cultural uses.

Spring Valley

Spring Valley is a neighborhood within the metropolitan area of the large Las Vegas. Located in Clark County, it offers a dense sub-urban feel. It's adjacent to the Summerlin area.

safe neighborhood suburban homes with green trees and palms

Most residents in Spring Valley rent their homes. Houses come at a modest price in this area than Summerlin. If you want to go to Las Vegas and buy a house as a young adult, consider Spring Valley.

It has above-average public schools for families with children. You can easily qualify for a home buyer loan for the first time.

Mortgage payments are also low. You'll find family homes that sell for as low as $19,000.Condominium sells for $30,000 or more, depending on your preference. There are also double-wide manufactured homes that start at $65,000.Get fast financing landlord insurance Nevada and no hidden fees. Compare top refinancing a mortgage provider to find a loan that's ideal for you.

Amenities include the Desert Breeze Park, a skate park, and picnic areas. It also has a swimming pool, dog area, basketball courts, and baseball diamonds.

Michael Way, Las Vegas

Michael Way is one of the hot spots for investors who are looking to buy relatively affordable homes. Houses here cost around $250,000. That is $160 per square foot.

The rent is relatively low. The average monthly rent is roughly $1200. The livability of Michael Way is not as good as a neighborhood like Summerlin.

People love this area because of the low cost of living and its amenities. Most choose to live here because of its proximity to downtown Las Vegas.

Properties cost 40% less than other average homes in Las Vegas. Yet rental rates are below the Vegas average by only a small percentage. It means that if you buy a house here, you will get a higher return on your investment.

The area caters to both couples and childless individuals. It's ideal for those who are in the hospitality industry.

It's easy to access highway 95 and business 95. Route 574 connects these two roads and acts as a northern boundary for the residents.

Green Valley, Henderson, Nevada

Green Valley is a neighborhood located in Henderson, Nevada. It's a 15-minute drive from the Las Strip. It's one of the best areas to buy a house for rent to tourists.

In Henderson, it's legal to have Airbnb rentals. The demand is high, and rental rates are high for both tourists and locals. It is because of proximity to popular tourist attractions.

But there are several rules applicable to landlords. You have to register with the city and pay almost $1000 in fees every year.

Short-term rentals are for planned communities. Condo buildings and apartment complexes allow short-term rentals of one-quarter of the units.

Green Valley is divided into two: Green Valley North and Green Valley South. Green Valley North has a livability score of 80. Homes here are 15% less than other average homes in Henderson, Nevada.

But rental rates are 7% higher than other investment properties in Las Vegas. That's because short-term rentals are legal.

Green Valley South has a livability score of 83. Property and rent prices are 10% below the average.

It's expected that homes in this area will appreciate in the next coming years. This area has decent schools, excellent amenities, and a low crime rate.


Aliante is a master-planned community in North Las Vegas. It lies within the 89084 zip code.

You can explore the neighborhood by the 1-215 freeway northern part. Or, you can go through the Aliante Parkway.

It's designed to accommodate over 20,000 residents with 6,500 houses. It's surrounded by 428 acres of public and recreational use.

Aliante has an amphitheater, commercial centers, picnic areas, and soccer and ball fields. Other features are a natural arroyo and a trail system.

It also features a collection of different neighborhoods, townhomes, single-story homes, and condominiums. The neighborhood has a pristine Aliante golf course.

It has gorgeous waterfalls found at the Nature Discovery Park.

Here you'll find walking trails, picnic areas, and many parks.

There is also a path that leads to the Aliante Library. You'll also get plenty of dining and entertainment at the Aliante station casino. It is a lively community with a family-friendly atmosphere.

Boulder City

Boulder City is one of the safest cities in Nevada. The homes are in the midst of the striking natural beauty of Nevada.

Its located 26 miles south of Las Vegas. The neighborhood consists of a tight-knit community of about 16000 residents.

Boulder City has its own municipal airport and is close to the historic Hoover Dam. It's ideal for those who are looking for quiet. It's loved for things like nearby amenities and affordable cost of living.

The area has suitable housing and weather conditions, and a low crime rate. It's a city in Nevada that does not allow gambling. This is appealing to many families and individuals who want a peaceful lifestyle.

Skye Canyon

Skye Canyon is a master-planned community located northwest of Las Vegas. Desert scenery and breathtaking mountains surround the residents.

This Las Vegas neighborhood has a welcoming environment, community events, and attractive amenities. It stretches about 1700 acres. It includes thoughtfully planned recreational areas, parks, neighborhood phases, schools, shops, and trails.

It's an ideal place to live if you like an active lifestyle. There are plenty of world-class amenities to enjoy.

Skye Canyon Park offers a hub of community activities. You'll find Skye fitness and Skye center.

If you want to buy a house in Skye Canyon, it's best to have a car to commute to work. But if you don't have one, there are public transit options. Also, you can choose ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber that operate within the area.

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