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May 14, 2024

Louisiana Real Estate Market Overview - 2024

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The Louisiana economy is growing slowly because of the energy sector. This growth is also touching the real estate market. Homes are more affordable here than in other parts of the country. The median home value is $201,414. This is much less than the national average. Because of this, many people want to buy homes here. This situation looks good for real estate investors. They see great opportunities. Louisiana also offers a variety of jobs and a low cost of living. This attracts businesses and keeps the real estate market competitive.

Home prices in the state have gone up by 11.2% over the last year. You can read more about this at Louisiana home prices. The average price to buy a home is $258,000. To rent, it's about $1,003 a month. These prices are appealing to both people looking to buy and those wanting to rent. The state also enjoys a relatively low unemployment rate of 4.8%. The average family makes $49,469 a year. This all adds up to a positive situation for the Louisiana real estate market. Investors will find the current market conditions favorable. For a deeper look, they can check out detailed property market analysis.

Key Takeaways

  • The 1-year appreciation rate in Louisiana is +11.2%.
  • Louisiana's median home value is $201,414, below the national average.
  • Median sales price in the state is $258,000.
  • Louisiana offers affordability with a median rent price of $1,003.
  • Low unemployment rate of 4.8% enhances economic stability.

Current Home Prices and Trends

The Louisiana real estate market has changed a lot in recent months. It's important for buyers and sellers to understand these changes. This will help them make good decisions in the market.

Median Home Prices

In January 2024, the median house price in Louisiana was $242,500. But it's interesting that 11.3% of homes sold for more than their asking price. This shows that the Louisiana housing market is very competitive, with many buyers looking for homes.

Trends in Different Cities

In Louisiana, cities like Kenner and Metairie are very popular. Kenner’s sales prices went up by 34.2% from last year, and Metairie saw a 10.3% increase. These changes show that not all cities are the same, with some seeing big price jumps.

Comparison with National Trends

When we look at how Louisiana compares to the whole country, we see it's a bit behind. Since 2012, home values in Louisiana have gone up by 37.3%. But across the U.S., the increase was almost twice as much. Although Louisiana's homes are gaining value, they're doing so more slowly than in other places. Experts think this slower growth will continue, making Louisiana different from the national trends.

In April 2024, Louisiana had 15,307 homes for sale. This was 14.4% more than last year. The state also had 3,938 new listings, up by 8.2% from the year before. The sale-to-list price ratio was 97.1%. This shows a strong market, but with a slight cooling off from before.

There was a four-month supply of homes in April 2024, which is steady from before. And, 28.0% of homes lowered their prices, more than the 24.0% last year. This indicates that sellers are changing their prices to better match what buyers want.

Supply and Demand

It's very important to understand supply and demand in real estate in Louisiana. The state's housing market is always changing and very competitive.

Number of Homes for Sale

In April 2024, Louisiana had 15,307 homes for sale. This was a big 14.4% increase from last year. It shows more houses are available now. Then, 3,938 new homes were listed, up 8.2% from the year before. These numbers help us see how the Louisiana housing market is changing.

Months of Inventory

The average supply of homes stayed at 4 months, just like last year. This means the market is balanced; no one has a big advantage. Keeping an eye on supply and demand in real estate tells us where the market might go.

Buyer Demand and Market Competition

April 2024's data shows changing competition in Louisiana. Fewer homes sold above list price than last year. Also, more homes had their prices cut. The sale-to-list price ratio was 97.1%, a bit lower than before. These facts show the Louisiana market is very dynamic, with buyer behavior and market statistics closely linked.

The five most competitive cities were Eastwood, Lakeshore, Brownfields, Claiborne, and Walker. They're really active and competitive, making them key places for buyers and sellers.

Regional Market Insights

Louisiana's real estate scene is lively and varied. Different cities show unique trends and levels of competition. This part looks at important cities and how prices change across Louisiana.

Top Competitive Cities

In Louisiana, some cities really stand out in the real estate world. Places like Eastwood, Lakeshore, and Brownfields are especially active. These areas are known for great property values and fast sales. This makes them attractive for investors.

Regional Differences in Prices

Real estate prices in Louisiana can vary a lot from one region to another. For example, Kenner and Metairie have seen big increases in property values. This shows substantial growth year over year. Yet, some places have seen prices drop, showing the market's diverse nature.

The average home value in Louisiana is $192,173. Cities like Shreveport are key to understanding the market's overall health. Even though there's been a small drop in median home price to $242,900, home values have generally gone up over the last five years. The demand is expected to keep rising, but limited supply might affect future sale prices.

These insights into Louisiana's market show its complex and varied nature. They give a clear picture of the state's competitive markets and price differences. This is valuable information for anyone looking to invest or buy a home in the area.

Factors Influencing the Market

Knowing what shapes the real estate market is key for those interested in Louisiana homes and investments. Three main real estate market factors stand out: economic indicators, interest rates, and job availability. Each has a big impact on how the market moves.

Economic Indicators

Louisiana's economy shows different angles. The median household income is $49,469. This makes buying homes more achievable. Meanwhile, the average value of a house is $201,414, which grew by +11.2% in a year. Also, the state's sales tax is 4.00% and median property tax only 0.18%. These figures play a big role in the health and appeal of the housing market.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are a big deal in real estate. High rates can slow down sales because they make buyers hesitant. In Louisiana, the interest rate for tax deeds is 12%, plus a 5% fine for tax lien certificates (TLCs). This affects not only new buyers but those looking at properties in foreclosure too. Their choice is shaped by these rates, affecting competition in the market.

Louisiana Job Market

The state's Louisiana job market plays a big role in the real estate world. It has a 4.8% jobless rate. A strong job market means more people can buy homes. Thanks to varied job sectors, the state sees steady interest from would-be homeowners.

So, these real estate market factors—the economy, interest rates, and jobs—interact to shape Louisiana's housing scene. People thinking of buying or investing there should watch these closely.

Predictions for 2024

The Louisiana housing market predictions for 2024 suggest a dynamic year ahead. Home prices look to stay stable. The median home price will be $242,500 in January 2024. This is close to last year's $226,100.

Sellers who waited are likely to sell this year. They're encouraged by steady mortgage rates expected later in the year. With more homes on the market, up 11.1% to 13,436, it's good news for everyone.

Kenner and Metairie are growing fast. Kenner's home prices leaped 34.2% to $299,000. Metairie also saw a rise, up 10.3% to $320,000. This shows the seller's market is strong.

The real estate market forecast 2024 for Louisiana looks promising but controlled. A small drop of 0.78% in average home prices suggests growth without risking a bubble. Plus, new constructions make up 12.3% of home sales, showing demand for modern homes.

With Louisiana's steady unemployment rate at 3.70%, the economy looks solid. Analysts see a trend towards sustainable and flexible homes. This could make 2024 an inventive year in real estate.

Louisiana Housing Market Statistics

The Louisiana housing market saw many changes in 2024. It showed different trends in home prices, sales, rent prices, and more. Let's take a closer look at the current market conditions.

Average Home Prices

The average home prices in Louisiana have gone up and down over the last year. By April 2024, the median home price was $242,500. This is a bit lower than the year before, showing some stability despite changes in the market.

Home Sales Data

The number of homes for sale in Louisiana went up 14.4% from last year to 15,307 in April 2024. New listings also increased by 8.2%, to 3,938. Demand changed slightly, with 12.7% of homes selling above list price, a small drop from the year before.

The sale-to-list price ratio fell a little to 97.1%. This shows minor changes in how buyers and sellers are pricing homes.

Rent Prices

Rent prices vary in Louisiana's cities. For example, New Orleans had an average rent of $1,354. In Opelousas, it was much less, at $1,011. This shows how different areas have different rent demands and supplies.

Days on Market and Pending Sales

Homes in Louisiana stayed on the market for about 75 days on average. This number has gone up, showing the interaction between supply and demand. Price drops happened more often, up to 28.0%, as sellers tried to attract buyers. The housing inventory grew by 11.1% from the year before, offering more choices to buyers.

This overview offers a clear view of the Louisiana housing market. It helps buyers, sellers, and investors make smarter choices in this changing market.

Buyer and Seller Tips

It can be tricky to navigate Louisiana's real estate market. But with the right property market advice, both buyers and sellers can find success. Homes in Louisiana have an average value of $192,173. The median sale price is $246,500. To do well, knowing the market's ins and outs is crucial.

Advice for Buyers

The housing market in Louisiana offers unique chances for buyers. Home values have dipped a bit recently, so timing your purchase is important. With interest rates high for now, think about refinancing when rates drop. Since 2021, the patterns of home values and sales have shifted. Understanding these changes is key. Real estate buying tips highlight the importance of market timing. This can help you avoid competing in bidding wars in hot spots like Shreveport and New Orleans.

Advice for Sellers

If you’re selling in Louisiana, you’re in a good spot due to low housing stock. Listing on Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and knowing the laws can make selling smoother and more profitable. Highlighting the local market's strengths can draw in buyers even during tough times. Seller strategies in Louisiana mean using the low supply to your advantage. This is true in diverse markets like Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Shreveport, where real estate varies a lot.

Impact of Recent Mortgage Rate Changes

The recent changes in mortgage rates in Louisiana have a big impact. Right now, a 30-year fixed mortgage has a rate of 7.25%. A 15-year fixed mortgage is at 6.75% as of May 16, 2024. These rates are changing the game for both buyers and sellers.

Effects on Buyers

Rising mortgage rates are tough for buyers. Higher rates mean people can't afford as much. Some are waiting, hoping for lower rates later. Also, home prices went up from $230,000 in April 2020 to $275,000 by early April 2024. This makes buying a home more expensive. Homes in the $200,000 to $300,000 range are hard to find.

Real estate agents are getting creative. They're negotiating costs and doing what they can to make deals happen.

Effects on Sellers

Sellers face a mix of challenges and opportunities because of the rate changes. Even though high rates scare some buyers away, low home inventory keeps property values up. From April 2022 to April 2024, listings went from 5,010 to 12,028. But this shortage keeps buyers interested.

In February 2024, home sales in Louisiana dropped by 6.2% from the year before. This means there's less buying and selling, but the competition for good homes is still strong. Sellers might have to negotiate. They're working with insurance agents sooner because insurance rates have gone up a lot.

Both buyers and sellers need to adjust to these new mortgage rates in Louisiana. Despite the challenges, there are still ways to make the best of the situation. Everyone involved has to be smart and adaptable.


The Louisiana real estate market is always changing. It shows in the climbing home values and more people buying and selling homes. As of January 2024, the middle price for a home was $242,500. This shows a steady rise, with some changes here and there. A notable 11.3% of homes in Louisiana sold for more than the asking price. This shows a strong competition among buyers.

When we look at cities like Kenner and Metairie, we see big differences. In Kenner, home prices went up a lot, by 34.2%, making the median sale price $299,000. Metairie also saw prices go up, by 10.3%, with homes selling for a median price of $320,000. These numbers show how different areas in Louisiana are changing in their own ways.

However, homes are taking longer to sell, now sitting for 75 days on average. This is a bit longer than before. Still, with about 13,436 homes for sale and more buyers than sellers, the demand is high. Home values have increased by 13.7% in the last five years. This shows a strong, growing market.

A 3.70% unemployment rate and a variety of job opportunities shape the real estate market here. Looking forward, it's important for people involved in real estate to stay updated and flexible. By understanding the market, they can navigate these changes successfully.


What is the median home price in Louisiana?

The median home price in Louisiana was $242,500 in January 2024. This shows the state's affordability when compared to national averages.

How are different cities in Louisiana performing in terms of home price trends?

Kenner and Metairie noted significant sales price jumps, at 34.2% and 10.3% respectively. Cities like Eastwood, Lakeshore, and Brownfields also show strong market activity.

How does Louisiana's home value appreciation compare to the national trend?

Since 2012, Louisiana's home values went up by 37.3%. This growth is slower than the national rate. The trend of slower appreciation is likely to continue.

How many homes are currently for sale in Louisiana?

As of April 2024, 15,307 homes were on sale in Louisiana. This number is a 14.4% increase from last year.

What is the current months of housing inventory in Louisiana?

There's an average of 4 months of housing supply in Louisiana. This shows a balanced market for buyers and sellers.

How competitive is the buyer demand in Louisiana?

The market is very competitive. Recently, 12.7% of homes sold were above list price, showing strong buyer demand.

Which cities in Louisiana are the most competitive in the real estate market?

Eastwood, Lakeshore, and Brownfields are the top competitive cities in Louisiana, according to Redfin's Compete Score™.

Are there any regional differences in home prices within Louisiana?

Yes, some cities like Kenner and Metairie saw big rises in property values. Other areas saw decreases, showing regional price differences.

What economic indicators influence the real estate market in Louisiana?

Job sector diversity, affordability, and interest rates are crucial. They greatly impact buyer actions and the market.

How do current interest rates affect the Louisiana real estate market?

High interest rates change buyer behavior by making it harder to afford homes. This affects demand and competitiveness in the market.

What role does the job market play in Louisiana's housing market?

With a 3.70% unemployment rate, job market stability encourages housing demand. People feel more secure investing in real estate.

What are the predictions for the Louisiana housing market in 2024?

Experts expect home prices to keep rising. This is due to stable mortgage rates and steady demand matched with supply.

What are the current average home prices in Louisiana?

The average home price in Louisiana is $242,500. However, prices can vary across different areas.

What does the home sales data suggest about the Louisiana market?

In January 2024, home sales rose by 0.3% from the year before. This small increase shows the market is active.

How do rent prices vary across Louisiana?

Rent costs differ across the state. For example, New Orleans averages $1,354, while Opelousas is at $1,011.

What is the average days on market for homes in Louisiana?

On average, homes in Louisiana stay on the market for 75 days. This indicates a balanced selling pace.

What tips do you have for buyers in Louisiana's real estate market?

Buyers should pick the right market timing to avoid overpaying. Also, be aware of high interest rates, which could offer refinancing chances later.

What strategies should sellers adopt in the Louisiana market?

Sellers can use the lack of houses to sell faster and at higher prices. This takes advantage of the seller's market conditions.

How do recent changes in mortgage rates affect buyers?

Recent high mortgage rates make buying homes less affordable. This leads some buyers to wait for better rates.

What is the impact of recent mortgage rate changes on sellers?

While high rates may slow some buyers, low inventory keeps property values and competition high. Sellers in the current market benefit from this.

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