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I have interviewed hundreds of people in the last year and I have had so many candidates say to me

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Self-managing your rental properties has its disadvantages, mainly that it can be time-consuming. However, it’s also one of the best

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This California renters’ rights guide will assist you in starting or ending your lease. We’ll also discuss notices, inspections, and

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When you’re looking for a viable investment option that guarantees long-term returns without high risk, investing in real estate is

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Yes, owning rental property is worth it. The real estate value has increased drastically over the past years. It’s worth

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Request For Startup: a Phone Screening Service That Works

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On the West Wing, Jed Bartlet didn’t carry a cell phone — his aide did. The aide screened each incoming

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Tenants may need to leave their homes suddenly. For instance, if the landlord has to make significant repairs or renovations,

12 Most Landlord Friendly States

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Investing in rental properties is great to grow wealth and personal worth, but it’s also essential to consider the state.

10 Things a Landlord Can’t Do

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Once a rental unit becomes another person’s home, the landlord has limited control over it. Thus, many landlords, especially new

Are Townhomes a Good Investment?

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Did you know that 5.9% of the US housing market is townhomes? But are townhomes a good investment? There’s a lot