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    Landlord insurance coverages

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    Being a rental property owner can be full of unexpected situations, and we're here to make sure that your investment is protected. Your insurance policy can cover a wide range of risks, or you can choose a limited set of coverages for a lower premium.

    water damage
    Water damage

    Covers sudden and accidental water damage to the property and any of your personal belongings used to maintain the rental. In order to make sure you’re protected against the loss of rental income and damages to your rental property in the case of a flood, you’ll need to purchase separate flood insurance.

    Fire damage

    Covers fire-related damage to your rental property, including structure of the building, private structures, contents, extinguisher foam, fire department fees, plumbing, electrical, appliances in the home (like a stove and refrigerator), and more.

    broken roof
    Windstorm, hail, & lightning

    Covers damage to your property as a result of hail and windstorms for any repairs required to restore the property to its original condition. Be sure to check if this coverage is explicitly included in your policy, as it is not always a standard coverage.

    broken roof
    Loss of rent

    Covers loss of rent incurred during times when a property has been damaged and is uninhabitable during repair. Coverage provides ongoing rental reimbursements while the property is unable to be inhabited or while a landlord is finding new tenants. Loss of rent insurance is different from rent default / rent guarantee insurance.

    Vandalism & burglary

    Malicious mischief coverage, as it’s known, covers repairs to broken glass, graffiti removal, and replacement of stolen or damaged property like shared washing machines.

    Riot & civil commotion

    When violent protests break out, riot coverage can pay to fix property damage caused by looters and protestors.

    Bonus coverages

    Covers elements of personal fiscal responsibility beyond a standard landlord insurance policy - for example in the event of injury or a lawsuit. Umbrella insurance policies can cover a wide range of claims - from slander, prosecution, mental anguish, medical costs - and beyond. The additional benefit of this coverage is that the policy travels with you so you’re covered wherever you are. Many policies also include coverage for a long list of other perils such as riots or civil commotion, explosions, volcanic eruptions, and damage caused by vehicles.

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