Common Policy Declarations in Insurance

Learn about common policy declarations, which are the initial pages of an insurance policy that provide details around the policy and policyholder.

What is Common Policy Declarations?

Common policy decorations are details provided within a property or a casualty insurance policy that outline the basic information contained within that policy. These declarations will outline facts about the policy, including the name of the party insured, the amount of coverage the policy provides, and any information on policy terms. For those who have a landlord insurance policy, there will be a section within it called common policy declarations that contains this information.

What is in the Common Policy Declarations?

Within the insurance policy a person receives for purchasing landlord insurance, there will be a specific section that is called common policy declarations. This section lays out the details of the policy in clear, easy-to-read terms. It helps to define the policy. This is often listed on the declaration page. 

It contains the date the policy went into effect, providing coverage for the specifically named and outlined property. It will also include the date on which the policy terminates. The common policy declarations also include information about how much the premium, or the payment for the insurance, is. 

Most of the time, this section will be found at the beginning of the landlord insurance policy. It works as a type of summary for the rest of the information included in the document. 

Another key component of these declarations is the outlining of instructions on how to cancel the policy, as well as what factors may lead to cancellation, such as nonpayment of the premium. It will outline the deductibles required for the policy, any policy limitations, and the assignment of the policy. 

What is the Benefit of the Common Policy Declarations Page?

The policy declarations listed in this section on the declaration page provide an outline of the insurance policy. By doing this, all in one document at the start of the policy, it is easier for people to reference and gather valuable information they may need about the policy. 

It is commonly needed. Most landlord insurance policies have a great deal of content and numerous pages. Most of it includes legal jargon that can be hard to understand and follow. The common policy declarations help to sum up all of that information, so it is easy to understand.

Keep in mind that the common policy declarations section does not take the place of reading and understanding all of the details of the policy. It is important to gather all of this information and read through the policy thoroughly to ensure there is clarity on all details.

Start Here with These Policies

A good place to review important information is on the common policy declaration page for those who obtain a landlord insurance policy. Review all of the details here. That includes the address of the property, the spelling of names, and any other details. If it is not accurate here, even a small mistake needs to be reported to the insurance provider so that corrections can be made. Otherwise, this could lead to voiding the policy for the party.

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