Specified Peril Policy in Insurance

Section of the insurance policy that insures against losses arising from particular events is clearly set out in the policy, such as theft or fires.

A Specified Peril Policy, also known as a Named Peril Policy, is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage only for specific perils or risks explicitly listed in the policy document. Unlike a comprehensive policy that typically offers coverage for a broad range of perils, a specified peril policy provides coverage for a limited number of named risks.

In this type of policy, the insurance company clearly outlines the perils that are covered, and any loss or damage that occurs due to a peril not listed in the policy will not be covered. The named perils may include common risks such as fire, lightning, theft, vandalism, windstorm, hail, and other specific events. If a peril is not specifically listed, the policyholder won't be protected for losses related to that particular event.

Specified peril policies are commonly used in property insurance, such as homeowners' insurance and commercial property insurance. For example, if a homeowner chooses a specified peril policy for their home, they will be covered for the perils listed in the policy, but other perils like water damage or accidental breakage may not be covered unless specifically mentioned.

These policies tend to be more limited in scope and often come with lower premiums compared to comprehensive or all-risk policies. However, it's essential for policyholders to understand the coverage limitations and ensure that the specified perils align with their specific needs and risks.

As an alternative to specified peril policies, some insurance companies offer comprehensive or all-risk policies, which provide coverage for a wider range of perils unless specifically excluded in the policy. These policies generally offer broader protection but may come at a higher premium cost. It's crucial for individuals to carefully review policy options and consult with their insurance provider to determine the most suitable coverage for their specific circumstances.

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