Liability Insurance Coverage

Liability insurance is the action of transfering the weight of financial loss— because of a liability claim from the insured to insurer.

What is Liability Insurance?

Liability Insurance typically covers tenant injuries and accidents on your property that involve people. eir guests, and even your repair people. According to the Insurance Journal, if a tenant or tenant's guest gets injured because of a loose handrail, the landlord may be responsible for the injuries. 

This is because the landlord may have been negligent in maintaining the property or failed to warn the tenant about any potential safety risks.

According to the Insurance Journal, If you are a landlord, there are other situations also present in which you could be held liable. 

For example, you could be in trouble if: 

  • You fail to provide proper security for your tenants, or 
  • Your tenant does something illegal, and you haven't stopped it 

Most landlord liability insurance will protect you in these types of scenarios, so make sure to get the one.

Landlords can also be exposed to liability if they allow their tenants to have pets, according to Insurance Journal. The landlord can't be held liable just because he rented a property to someone who has a pet. However, if the landlord knows that the pet is dangerous or can be in danger, he could be in trouble in case of any injury.

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