Legal Liability in Insurance

A common law that states any person or entity is accountable for the financial damage suffered by another group, entity, or person.

Legal Liability in Insurance

Landlord liability insurance can be considered public liability insurance. This insurance can help protect you if a third party claims compensation against you. Suppose someone gets injured because of your property - or his possessions get damaged. It could be a worker or service provider. Landlord liability insurance will give you partial or complete protection depending on the extent of damage and your coverage plan.

Your landlord liability insurance helps you to pay for costs and fees if: 

  • Someone gets injured on your property, or 
  • Their belongings are damaged while at your property. 

The landlord liability protection policy also covers costs for legal action taken against the tenants. Liability protection is applicable when:

  • Your tenant is not evicting the property, 
  • They have damaged your property,
  • There is unpaid rent to pursue. 

The tenant can also report a claim against you. for instance, you have violated your legal obligations. Liability protection will cover any defense expenses in this case. 

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